When I was younger, I remember being a fan of horror…..I think. The only actual films I remember watching repeatedly was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Rock n’ Roll High School. For some reason, I remember watching The Howling with my dad and him being called into work. I had the option of staying home and watching the movie or going into work with my dad. I chose to go into the refinery. I also remember watching The Shining from behind a book. I do remember being obsessed with this one advertisement that was playing on The Movie Channel. I’d always stop what I was doing to watch it. Later in life, I was watching Suspiria and realized that the advertisement I was obsessed with as a kid was for this film.


One day, I know my immediate family, grandparents, and aunt were all in my family room watching Friday the 13th. The movie scared the shit out of me. If it was dark near the bottom of the stairs, I would run to the stairs for safety. I thought that a killer would jump out of any dark corner.I’m guessing this experience may have been in 1982 sometime because, after the movie, we went out for dinner, and I saw Friday the 13th, Part 3 advertised at the drive-in we passed on the way to the restaurant.

So – I wanted nothing to do with horror from that time forward. In 1987, my friend was obsessed with Fangoria magazine, his favorite film being A Nightmare on Elm Street. We all decided to sneak into A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Wanting to hang out with my friends, I agreed to go, even though I was a little worried about seeing a scary movie.

We had the day off school. I can’t remember what movie we bought tickets to, but we started down the hallway and found a couple (early 20s maybe), who agreed to let us walk in with them so that we wouldn’t get kicked out. It was my re-introduction to horror, to special effects, and this guy named Freddy Krueger. I was enthralled. I started watching everything I could get my hands on and quickly started collecting Fangoria, reading it from cover to cover.


Now, 30 years have come and gone. I debated putting some quick reviews up on this site to get it going but decided on needing to re-watch all the movies to give a modern take. I don’t get out to the movie theatre much anymore, so most of the “new” film reviews will be those available immediately on demand OR not until they appear on one of the streaming services.

What to expect from the reviews? I don’t know. I’ve never studied film, so I don’t know if there will be any technical break-downs. Quite simply, I’ll try to do my best to explain why I liked, disliked, or felt indifferent towards a movie.

If you have any suggestions for films to review, feedback on the reviews provided, or your own thought on the reviewed films, please feel free to comment.


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